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My Tooth Cracked After a Root Canal

Some of our patients would call us to say, “My tooth cracked after a root canal. What shall I do?” If your tooth did crack after a root canal, then you’re more likely to suffer from a condition known as cracked tooth syndrome. In this condition, fractures aren’t clearly noticeable. They can’t even be noticed

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Why Is My Jaw Numb?

There are several reasons your jaw is numb. Although sometimes, numbness in the jaw is a minor problem, it may still be a sign of a medical problem that must be immediately evaluated by your doctor. One of the reasons could be cancer. The loss of sensation in this area is actually one of the

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Possible tooth smelling bad

My Tooth Smells Bad

My tooth smells bad. What does it mean? There are a number of reasons your tooth smells bad. But the most common is a tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth may help in keeping it healthy. However, when there’s overgrowth of harmful bacteria, these organisms begin to feed on your tooth. The result will

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Gums Can Hurt After Flossing - Dr. Nicholas S. St. George DDS

My Gums Hurt When I Floss

Flossing is an essential part of maintaining your oral health. It’s a must for your oral hygiene. Bear in mind that brushing alone won’t thoroughly clean your teeth’s surface. If you are saying “My gums hurt when I floss”, keep reading. Sensitivity and seeing blood are usually not signs of a severe problem. However, that

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Man with Inflamed Gums - Dr. Nicholas S. St. George DDS

My Gums Are Inflamed

There are a number of reasons why gums can become inflamed. One of the most common is food that has been trapped below the gum line. This causes your gums to swell. In most cases, brushing and flossing your teeth will correct the problem. However, if your gums remain inflamed for more than 24 hours,

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